Our Story


Since the inception of the exempt market, we have watched the industry develop into primarily that of product sales with little regard for the overall client relationship. The industry seems to have done a particularly good job at serving its own needs, but the client’s needs remain subordinated.

We recognized an opportunity to better serve the interests of our clients by providing access to a range of complementary disciplines beyond the exempt market.

The ability to offer our clients access to a suite of services including portfolio management and private placements, allows us to add significant value to our relationships.

While our focus is local, we bring a global perspective with ownership based in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Sterling Bridge Mortgage Corp. currently has the following registrations:

  • Mortgage broker: Alberta, British Columbia
  • Exempt market dealer: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec
  • Investment fund manager: Alberta
  • Restricted portfolio manager: Alberta

Sterling Bridge Mortgage Corp. adheres to all relevant securities legislation. Product offerings may be suitable for both eligible and/or accredited investors.

To participate in the exempt market, an investor must qualify according to the eligibility criteria set by their province of residence and the specific investment product. Each provincial regulatory body provides definitions on their respective websites and the dealing representatives at Sterling Bridge are happy to review the eligibility criteria with you.